Complaints – Taking Them Positively as Feedback

Like any business, at Custodian  we occasionally get customer complaints. You know what though, we kind of appreciate them. You see, most people (like 95%) who are dissatisfied with a business never say anything, they just don’t come back. So if you leave a complaint, you actually are one of the 5% of people that offer the valuable feedback to us that enables us to refine and improve our products, systems and services, to ensure we can consistently deliver the property industry’s top education and strategy services.

It is common knowledge that we have helped build dozens of Australia’s current millionaires through our property investment strategies and services. At some level, this success has been a result of the complaints we have received in the past. It is through constant improvement and evolution, guided by our customers feedback (both good and bad) that we continue to manage to reach and get through to our customers, create education packages that leave an impact, result in action and drive customer success.

So if you have had an experience with us and think we could have done something better, please let us know. You can call us on 1800 174 999 and let us know how you feel. Now obviously we cannot resolve everything. For example, we could not have prevented the Global Financial Crisis – we get it – people lost money across industries, across asset classes, across the globe during this period. However, if there is something we can control within our organisation, we’d love to hear about it and see if we can have an even better business next year than we do this year, improved simply because of your feedback.

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