Review from a Custodian Client

We gets lots of feedback from our successful investors and clients. This little gem came from one of our successful clients, Moira. A bit of history about Moira, she is a cautious investor who has dabbled in the stock market, with little success. She wasn’t very interested in shares and didn’t really make much money from them.

She did have some success though in wealth creation in buying a small property and gradually taking advantage of the capital growth to trade up to more valuable properties which she lived in. This led to an unsuccessful “off the plan” investment in a Melbourne residential property. The stress of this venture took its toll and it was sold within two years.

As part of her job, Moira worked on John’s infomercials. She used the principles she learned with John and her own financial management regime to buy an investment property on the Gold Coast in 2005. Despite her earlier experience, this property was a very successful investment which basically had no negative impact on her cash flow at all. Following the Custodian way of duplicating what was working, a second investment property was purchased in 2009.

Through her strict cashflow management efforts, keeping true to her goals and understanding the principles she learned with Custodian  she now has a multi-million dollar property portfolio. She understands that the property market is a unique investment tool that allow such wealth creation on normal incomes.

You just need to understand the principles of how to make property work for you.

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