Reviews From One Of Our Custodians

One of our true success stories are Steve and Kerry Bishop from NSW. You can download the PDF case study of Steve and Kerry’s success in developing wealth through property investing by clicking here.

Steve and Kerry’s introduction into property investment started with one of our television commercials, which then led to them attending one of our famous Custodian Seminars. They then “dipped their toe in the water”. Over the following 10 years, they built a property portfolio with 7 properties, valued at over $4 Million dollars.

One of the really great things about Steve and Kerry’s story, is they have achieved this financial success simply by following the standard Custodian process. That is, they:

  • Went to one of our free workshop/seminars
  • Completed the workbook
  • Met with one of our consultants – who was an accomplished investor
  • Put a toe in the water
  • Used equity in their home to buy their first investment property
  • Used equity in their second property to buy the third
  • Started using a self managed super fund to invest
  • Continued to attend Custodian Workshops as they came up
  • Stop doubting and start trusting themselves

The thing with all this is that this process that created a multi-million dollar property portfolio for Steve and Kerry Bishop is also available to you. It all starts with one of our Seminars. We run our seminars and workshops every month of the year, in capital cities, urban and regional centers throughout Australia. If you want more information, please click to the events tab on our Facebook Page.

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