Custodian Wealth Builders Reviews

Custodian feedback has long pointed to the overwhelming success of the  program. We have received feedback from a long list of couples now well on their way to a wealthy lifestyle.

Many have embarked on a phenomenal journey of self-discovery and wealth creation to the levels that many never would have thought possible.

Steve and Kerry Bishop stumbled upon one of John Fitzgerald’s TV Infomercials and decided to give property investment a try. Shortly after they attended one of John’s seminars and decided to ‘put a toe in the water.’

Today, with a property portfolio value of $4.1 million, the Bishops are committed to property investment. It has proven to be a stable asset class that has doubled in value every 7-10 years, without the fluctuations of the stock market.

“Investing in real estate has given us choices,” says Kerry. “We won’t be ‘retiring’, just changing direction. We’re really looking forward to it.”

John and Donna Lewis are another huge success story. The couple wanted to invest but they didn’t know how to do it right. “We listened to an awful lot of people and they were taking our money, but we weren’t getting anywhere. We didn’t have a clear goal, and we didn’t know how to do it.”

Since becoming clients, John and Donna have built their portfolio to 10 properties and created their own self-managed superannuation fund. “Custodian has helped us set up the right financial structures and shown us the way ahead.”

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