Is Custodian a Scam, Or do they truly provide Sound Investment Advice for the right people?

It’s rather funny to read some of the articles posted by individuals who think they have it all sorted out. They somehow believe they are qualified to comment on a matter they have no knowledge about, let alone any form of demonstrated track record of success in the topic of discussion. So, let’s quickly explore this. Is Custodian a scam, or do they truly provide sound investment advice for the right people?Investment property

Let’s look very quickly at one punter and his comments. We know that he is male, as he refers to himself as ‘Sir Vegemite’. Now, I am not sure if he puts a rose in every cheek, but let’s see what he has to say when responding to someone asking for comments and feedback about Custodian Property Investment, and other Property Investment experts…

“You don’t need a mentor to buy a house.. seriously.. I would spend the $10 grand getting a degree in Finance and house property and do your own analysis. They act in their own interest which is to get as much money from you and essentially scam as much $$$. Do you really think they care about your investments.

+ housing is such a low risk investment, its not going to go up or down very much. better get advice on shares or read widely. Make much more.”

It’s ironic that Sir Vegemite suggests that getting a degree in Finance would only cost, what we assume he is referring to as $10,000, and that once you have graduated, you are instantly an expert. Personally, I have been around many Universities both in Australia and abroad, and I have never met an expert who has just graduated in anything.

Subsequently, this person continues by stating that they, assuming he is referring to all ‘Property Investment’ experts/consultants/advisors, whatever, are acting in their own interests to supposedly get as much money from you, etc. Well, I don’t profess to be a genius but isn’t that what every business in the world is trying to achieve? If I remember rightly, this refers to the very principle that business is founded upon, the principle of ‘Supply and Demand’. If a person has a limited or unique supply of something, and there is a demand for what they have, the price goes up. It’s essentially Business 101.

Furthermore. this same author feels compelled to add in his own expert property advice by affirming that ‘housing is such a low risk investment, its not going to go up or down very much. better get advice on shares or read widely.’ So, what he is really trying to say is that Property Investment is too stable and you should really be investing in something far less stable like shares. I am sure by now that you are beginning to see things more clearly on your own accord. It obvious to anyone with common sense that this person could not be considered as a credible witness, let alone someone reliable in suggesting that all Property Investment experts are a scam.

As the author of this blog article, I can tell you that I am no expert in Property Investment, and if I had hard earned money to invest, I would want the best advice. I can either listen to the guy next door who seems to know everything about anything and yet have nothing, or I can turn to someone who has a proven track record of success. Life will tell us that not everyone will succeed at this. However, the smart people who understand the elements of success will make the right decisions.

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