Custodian Scam… Is the Custodian Scam Reality Or Just a Myth?

It has come to our attention that there are several bogus articles that have been released online referring to Custodian Wealth Builders as being some kind of scam created by John Fitzgerald. However, when we look more closely at those articles we begin to see the tell-tale indications of nothing more than a trumped up smear campaign aimed at an individual and his organisation. These highly refutable accusations bear no corroboration or substantiation of any kind. Whatsmore, the author of such articles generated, come from persons residing in a different country.

I refer to the ‘RipOffReport’ numbered #1020180 titled ‘Complaint Review: Custodian Wealth Builders’. Let’s look at some of the simple inconsistencies before identifying that this whole article makes as much sense as pig flying backwards over Area 51.
legit or scam?Firstly, the author of this article, who has conveniently nominated to remain anonymous, is identified as being from the United States of America, yes, the good ol’ US of A, and yet claims to be an expert on property investment in Australia. Now most Americans I have met, know as much about Australian geography as we do about their 50 states. I hardly believe this person, located in Arizona, can adequately comment on such matters.
As this person begins their ‘RipOffReport’ they inadvertently identify that Custodian Wealth Builders and John Fitzgerald clearly have an intelligent marketing plan. However, the author does make significant reference to, “those annoying ads that pop up at you when searching the internet.” I am not sure what day and age this person is referring to given that pop-up blockers have been in place for many years now, and that many of the sites where ‘those annoying pop up ads might appear’, are perhaps considered somewhat inappropriate sites to begin with. Clearly the author’s statement here is somewhat distorted and lacking credibility.
As the article begins to unfold, it lashes out with all kinds of wild accusations, yet without one single shred of evidence. For example, the author refers to one case in Sunbury, Victoria, and “all sorts of promises that were made about the performances of these properties.” However, the author conveniently forgot to provide any of these so-called promises as an example, and furthermore, ends the paragraph by referring to a builder who is allegedly a long time partner of Custodian Wealth Builders. If that were so, what was the name of the building company? Is it not possible that this so called Building Company made mistakes and Custodian Wealth Builders received the blame for it?
As one reads further into this, clearly orchestrated article designed to smear the reputation of an individual and his organisation, it becomes very clear that the author communicated an emotional agenda designed to cover up their own shortcomings.
In closing, the author actually challenges people that if they want to do business the John Fitzgerald way, they should be the judge themselves. It’s ironic that the same author made mention earlier in their article suggesting that Mr Fitzgerald is a successful man, ‘if’ you measure success in terms of dollars. Well, here is where the irony sets in. In this modern era of doing business, people around the world do in fact measure success in terms of dollars whether we agree or not, and if you want to be successful in that way, it makes good sense to listen to the advice of someone who has done it already. In addition to this, the further irony of this article is that it actually points to Custodian Wealth Builders as being considered experts in the field of property investment. You be the judge! Well, why not go to their site and judge for yourself – CLICK HERE

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