Is Property Investment A Scam Or Not?

Every person who wants to jump into property investment might be asking, Do Property Investment experts really help, or are they only looking to scam your hard earned savings? Is it another property investment scam or a legitimate source of advice?

Property Investment scam or not

Custodian Property Investment, by John Fitzgerald, is one of the biggest property investment companies, and said to have delivered a proven property investment strategy to hundreds of clients for nearly 20 years. Basically, Custodian helps people from all walks of life build wealth through residential property investment.

Just like other investment property companies, Custodian reviews are sometimes tainted with misinterpreted information, and ill‐informed opinions. Let’s review some of the feedback received online:

“I attended the Custodian WealthBuilders seminar hosted by John Fitzgerald yesterday. The impression I got from the seminar is that, 1) John Fitzgerald has been in the industry for a long time; 2) he’s very methodical in building a system for property investment; and 3) he absolutely believes in the power of education and repetition before taking steps to purchase property.”

“You absolutely need a mentor in investing! Be it investing in property, share market or a business, you must approach it with an end goal in mind and map out your journey!”

While some people are happy with the property investment seminars offered by the Custodian team, there are always some people who have a differing opinion:

“Mentors are not needed, they don’t really teach you anything you need to know, just enough to keep you hanging, so you go to another course, that’s how they make there money, not in real estate but in seminars.”

Too often people leave a seminar with varying opinions simply because their expectations are always different. There is no doubt that some people do not need a mentor when it comes to property investment. However, there are a significant amount of people who do. Furthermore, not everyone is going to exit a seminar knowing everything they need to know. It is imperative that we offer clients, or potential clients the opportunity to gain further understanding and increase their knowledge before making those important decisions.

The Custodian Wealth Builders team are a group of carefully selected expert consultants who always look to understand your goals and circumstances first before they begin to guide you through the process. Isn’t that something that would be important to you…? Why not go to their site and actually judge for yourself – CLICK HERE

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