Our Education Platform is On Fire in 2015

A Packed Custodian WealthBuilders Workshop in Sydney

A Packed Custodian WealthBuilders Workshop in Sydney

Wow what a start to 2015.

It seems you all are really excited about 2015, about the opportunities for property investing that are available now, and about the favorable investments conditions that will prevail throughout the year. We are definitely seeing record numbers in all our events, including workshops and seminars, webinars and also webcasts for existing Team Custodian members.  You can see what a great crowd we had at this workshop in Sydney (in the image) with over 60 people attending – 60 budding property investors. Our end of January webcast to Team Custodian members ended up being the biggest (by attendance) live event we have ever hosted. We had so many attendees that it caused our infrastructure to fail. What an event – luckily we could complete the webcast and make it available to everyone for download.

So why do you think everyone is so interested in educating themselves about wealth creation – and property investment – today? The main reason we believe is that we have a unique set of circumstances right now, that make for a “perfect Buying Market” in property – if such a thing exists.

When you combine:

  • Record cheap interest rates for borrowing
  • Property prices that have bottomed out and started to rise – but not yet run
  • An exponential growth in Chinese investors

You have a situation where successful property investment is almost becoming a sure thing. You just need to follow the fundamentals. For more information about these great conditions to invest, have a look at John’s latest video:

This has to excite you – by attendance at our investor seminars, it seems to be exciting so many of us. So do you have an investment plan for the year? Are you ready to invest – or wondering where to start planning? Come to one of our seminars – learn the fundamentals of Wealth Creation and Property Investments – your future awaits you!

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