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One thing about property investment seminars is that they are live events. This mean they are dependent on time, dependent on you being free and available to attend for you to get value out of them. We recognise sometimes this is not possible immediately for people, also for attendees of seminars that you would like to continue with your education at your own pace, following on from seminar attendance.

For this reason we created our Youtube channel at the following URL: You can click through to subscribe to this channel to get notified when new videos we put up get published, which is almost weekly.

We use our Youtube channel for a number of reasons. These include the following:

  • To educate people about the fundamentals of wealth creation and property investing
  • To inspire people to make positive and real change in their lives
  • To keep people moving. The challenge with property investment seminars, is people get a big energy boost but this disappears over the following weeks. This channel can help you keep moving with a minor weekly boost
  • To update people with current economic conditions commentary
  • To give some ideas to people on positive change other than wealth, such as changes with health.
  • To provide a library of video education you can access at anytime, and view in your own time

We have done a really good job with the 150 plus videos we have published already in this channel, which is now followed by over 250 subscribers.

Why don’t you click across and have a look yourself. You may just find something there that changes your life.

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