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Custodian Wealth Builders: Property Investment

Custodian Property Investment founder, Mr John Fitzgerald, is considered to be one of the leading experts in this field, and said to have delivered a proven property investment strategy to hundreds of clients for almost 20 years. Most of their clients are those who want to build their wealth by building a residential investment property […]

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Property Seminar – The Push You Need To Start Building Wealth

The rental market is the biggest thing for any wealth building strategy. For several reasons, people nowadays are no longer buying permanent homes for the reason that some may think. Simply put, most can’t afford it. Additionally they do not want the responsibility of land ownership and so the general population have gone mobile. This […]

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Our Education Platform is On Fire in 2015

Wow what a start to 2015. It seems you all are really excited about 2015, about the opportunities for property investing that are available now, and about the favorable investments conditions that will prevail throughout the year. We are definitely seeing record numbers in all our events, including workshops and seminars, webinars and also webcasts […]

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