Property Seminars: Learning About Sub-letting Properties

Property Investing can be a lucrative business. Those who engage in this kind of investing sometimes find that they can make more money doing this, than they would be able to doing anything else.

However, it all starts with learning some of the basics of how to investing in property in the first place. Our Property Investment Seminars can help.

Sub-letting: A Field within Property Investing

One issue that a lot of landlords may run into is the issue of their tenant wanting to sublet part of the property. This occurs when the tenant may have more space than they truly require, and they want to earn some money from the excess space. This procedure is allowed with the permission of the landlord over the property.

A description of sub-letting is given by as follows,

…the tenant enters into a formal agreement with somebody else to rent part of the premises (eg. the garage or granny flat) or the whole premises to them. In effect, they are taking on the role of landlord for the sub-tenant.

Benefits for the Landlord

The landlord can benefit from allowing the tenants to sublet properties in two different ways:

  1. Offers less stress that the original tenant may not be able to come up with the rent money owed. If the original tenant has a property that is too large for their needs, then they may not be able to afford it after a while. Sub-letting gives them a source of income and lowers their expense.
  2. The landlord could ask for a cut of the profits received by the tenant as a result of the sublet.

Learning from property investment seminars

The best thing about Property Investment Workshops, is that all of your Property Investment questions can be answered!

Contact us if you would like to learn more about Property Investment Workshops and how they can help you.

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