Seminar or Webinar – Whats Your Preference?

At Custodian, we offer our clients education through both seminars and webinars. The content is very similar, the style of delivery is quite different. What do you think you’d prefer?

In this post, I will run you through the main differences between the two delivery methods, so maybe you can have a better idea regarding the content delivery platform that you would get most value from.

1. Geographical Considerations

An obvious difference is geography. At a seminar, there is a venue that hosts the event. This means to attend you will need to live in proximity to the venue of the event. The further away the event venue is, the more geographical considerations will come into play and at some point, distance will make it impossible for you to attend. Fortunately for our clients, we hold our property investment seminars at many different venues, in capital cities, suburban areas and even regional centres. You can always check our list of coming seminars on our Facebook page to see when our next one is at a venue close to you.

Obviously with webinars, geography is not an issue. You just log in to the webinar on your computer and you can attend.

2. Distractions

At a seminar, it is probably a little easier to focus on the content and material being presented. This is because to physically sit in a venue where the event is being presented, the doors to the rest of the world are shut and everyone within that closed room, is focusing on the material. Your exposure to distractions when attending a webinar is dependent on where you have tuned in. For example, if it is at the office, you may have colleagues who interrupt with work related matters. If you tune in at home, will your significant other or children look for attention, dinner or other things, interrupting your attention to the material being presented. Is there a way you can insure yourself against distraction during the webinar?

3. People

One of the great things about property investment seminars is the opportunity you have to network with presenters, experts and other people interested in the some information and interests you are. This opportunity to connect can be one of the greatest parts of a seminar and one of the biggest things not available at a webinar. But are you the type of person who will make the additional effort at a seminar to meet people and follow up with those where you may be able to add value with each other?

There are other differences between the two methods of presentation, with this 3 consideration though, what do you think you’d get most out of, a seminar or a webinar?

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